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Sauvignon Blanc - Scène n°4



"A breath of exoticism and freshness, a gustatory work of art".

This wine has a pale gold colour with silver and green highlights, evoking vivacity and youthfulness, and an intense nose of pomelo, lemon, foliage and sage, with hints of apricot that come to the fore on aeration.

The palate is smooth and fruity from the outset, followed by a refreshing liveliness that leads to a zesty, mentholated finish. A real bouquet of freshness to savour.

And to crown this tasting experience, our labels are true works of art. They are the result of a collaboration with the artist Fauve. A magical fusion of visual art and taste.

Let yourself be carried away by this symphony of flavours and colours, and discover the perfect harmony between the palate and the eyes.

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Enjoy it as an aperitif, with oysters or a fragrant chicken curry.
10°C - 12°C
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